Health tourism has established itself as a vital part of the industry. It is no surprise that the number of people travelling for treatment is constantly on the rise, as well as the revenues of the segment. The market of wellness and health tourism is experiencing constant growth. Both Western and Eastern Europe have registered […]

  • Israel A rising destination for medical tourism

    The popularity of medical tourism is expanding globally mainly due to its greater capacity to provide safe, high quality treatments to those who cannot receive comparable care in their country of origin; many turning to India and Israel. Medical Tourism once broadly focused on provision of health care and emergency treatment provided by higher-income countries […]

  • Israel ranks high as a medical tourism destination

    Israel ranks as one of the world’s best places for foreigners to get medical care, according to an authoritative annual report. The Medical Tourism Index (MTI) ranks Israel highest in a survey of 25 of the most popular destinations for medical tourism for care, services, and best patient experiences and third overall as the best […]

  • Israel A World Leader In Medical Tourism

    Canada, the United Kingdom, Israel, Singapore and Costa Rica are among the most attractive destinations in the world for medical tourism in 2014, according to a global index published last week by the Medical Tourism Association. The survey was conducted among 5,000 Americans by the International Healthcare Research Center (IHRC). Israeli hospitals boost revenues by […]

  • Israel Ranked High Among The Prime Resorts for Medical Travelers

    A comprehensive annual report completed by the Medical Tourism Index (MTI) has ranked Israel high in the list of top destinations for medical tourism. The study involved 25 of the most popular medical hubs around the globe, rating patient satisfaction, the level of care and the quality of services. Overall Israel was the third on […]